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Submitted on
November 28, 2012
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speaking the words no one seems to understand
The phrases no one believes....

Loneliness fallows behind
A monster of some other kind
Creeping and Stalking
Snatching and locking

Help me, Help me
He's caught me again
my feet wont flee
He treats me as a sin
Locks me away
never to see day
or my friends once again

Help me, Help me
This man is mad
Things will turn bad
If someone doesn't come
And awful tune he hums....

'No ones to come
We're on the run
Playing a pretty song
She prays to be free
But she wont, you see
Because I hold the gun'

tick tick tick

Someone someone
Please, won't you come
Save me from this man
He who holds the gun

MY feet wont flee
And he holds the key
Escaping is impossible
I try and try
and cry and cry
Though no one ever comes
For he who holds the gun

Kill me, kill me
You don't see
This man is mad
His brain is bad
He doesn't know right from wrong
And he slowly sings his song...

'No ones to come
We're on the run
Dum de dum de dum
She tries to flee
Won't let it be
Says I who holds the gun.'

And now I sing along
For he who holds the gun...
A little poem I wrote in study hall A few days. Been meaning to get on here and up load it...sorry :faint:

Anyway, comments and faves are loved!! :heart: Also, if you could give some criticism. it would help tons!! I was thinking of entering this into a contest O_O Thanks guys!! :glomp: :wave:
I really like the last part. Giving the gunman a voice was a very good idea
QuiteLoner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
wow this is very good ^^
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